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MRA’s goal is to petition the City of Missoula for a mandatory recycling system that supports and sustains the growth of the population and deters from using landfills as a primary resort for waste management, while also working to achieve Zero Waste of Resources by 2020!

If we achieve our goal, the city will be required to provide each household with a separate bin for recycling to be picked up along with your garbage.

Much of what we throw away can be recycled and avoid being dumped in our landfills entirely. Beginning with our “Grade School Initiative“, we plan on spreading our message in classrooms citywide. Educating students on the importance of recycling. Our message focuses on:

  • Why our city should recycle
  • Why it is important to avoid dumping in landfills
  • Techniques to manage your household waste
  • What can and cannot be recycled
  • Spreading the message of sustainability and “green waste goals.”

Our collaboration with  other “Green” groups in Missoula is key to our success. We plan diverting materials of value  such as plastic, cardboard, paper, glass, electronics, and compost from being dumped as waste into the Missoula landfill.

Montana landfills are only a temporary solution for waste management in our state. By achieving our goal of Zero Waste of Resources (ZWR) we are reducing the waste of products that could potentially be reused into a new product. We are also reducing wasted materials and bringing a higher demand for jobs in the recycling industries. This can ultimately help our local economy and develops sustainable use of resources.


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